Tickets for historic match between USA Eagles, New Zealand All Blacks at Soldier Field on sale today

Tickets for historic match between USA Eagles, New Zealand All Blacks at Soldier Field on sale today

BOULDER, Colo. – Tickets for the historic USA Eagles’ match against the New Zealand All Blacks, sponsored by AIG, at Soldier Field in Chicago, Ill., Nov. 1, will go on sale today to the general public at 10:00 AM CT on all Ticketmaster outlets. Tickets start at $30 and range in price across eight tiers.

Visit the USAvAllBlacks event website for all news and ticket links.

Fans who registered for exclusive pre-sale opportunities on the website were able to choose tickets for the game in the 61,500-seat stadium June 13. The high response and demand for tickets means a limited amount of tickets will be available to the general public starting today.

“The opportunity to see the All Blacks’ brand of rugby here in the States cannot be missed,” USA Rugby Chief Executive Officer Nigel Melville said. “We’ve given fans of both teams and rugby in general a reason to make the trip to Chicago with fair-priced tickets and we are expecting a sell-out crowd at Soldier Field.”

The All Blacks will visit the United States for an international match for the first time since 1980. The Eagles have only met the two-time and reigning IRB Rugby World Cup champions three times since their inception over 100 years ago.

Travel packages for fans will be announced soon, as well as accommodation information and ancillary events surrounding the historic test match.

NBC will provide live broadcast coverage of the match in Chicago, which kicks off at 3:00 P.M. CT Nov. 1. The Legacy Agency is the exclusive worldwide commercial agent for the match.

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  • Guest - dissappointed rugger

    It sadness me to say the least that one cannot buy more than one ticket at a time for nice seating to this event. You can get plenty of group tickets, but nothing more than $60/seat. I was hoping to go with my wife and another couple where we could show our wives what truly great looks like with the perennial best team in the world coming to the states to play. Now we are all nervous to purchase just singular tickets fearing we won't be seated all together. I guess ultimately I should have gotten a MasterCard years ago rather than my Visa. Thanks USA rugby & ticketmaster for knocking on this opportunity!

  • Guest - Niceguys Finishlast

    I am also disappointed by this travesty of ticket sales. Day 1 for general tickets and nothing exists for 2 people outside the bleachers? This is simply a joke. We simply wanted 2 decent tickets for this fantastic event (not to mention travel to discover Chicago for the first time). Now you can go to Stub hub abd pay 2 to 4 times as much for the tickets... What good are rules if nobody respects them?

  • Niceguys Finishlast,

    Tickets were available June 13 to those who registered on prior to June 1 and to MasterCard holders June 14.


    Chad Wise

  • Guest - Nakibuster

    Yes if you registered for pre sales you can order multiple tickets. I got 4 for my family - we are travelling from NZ for the game. But there is no PDF or online tickets - you have to pick up from venue day of game. Why is that ?? looking forward to it nonetheless.

  • Guest - joeythelemur

    In reply to: Guest - Nakibuster

    I registered for the presale, but did not get a notification; really disappointed as it slipped my mind on Friday!

    Nakibuster, things are probably different if you're ordering online from NZ, but via ticketmaster here in the US, I could print my tickets as a PDF right after purchasing.

  • Guest - KnightsRugby2014

    Was able to buy group seating today in the cheap seats. Seats are going fast.