Dear USA Rugby fans,

The Eagles’ match against Russia Saturday was one of the team’s best performances in a year, a 28-7 win against a tough team desperate for a win. Unfortunately for anyone not at Allianz Park, the match was not available for view.

Both Russia and ourselves were keen to broadcast this match as it was a rematch of Russia’s first entry into the Rugby World Cup in 2011 and a Tier Two matchup that would test our boys to the fullest extent. Domestically, we did not have the platform to make it happen. We agreed to webcast the game on USA Rugby TV, but were told late in the week prior to the match technical issues would force a significant increase in price of the stream. Reluctantly, we both agreed the cost was prohibitive and we would not stream.

USA Rugby has improved immensely in recent times in terms of making its events available to the masses. All national championship events this year were streamed, including collegiate and club championships, while the IRB Nations Cup was streamed live over the course of two weeks in Colorado.

I am personally disappointed we could not web stream our national team’s match live and that the only alternative was to upload our analyst’s video to our YouTube channel. In the future, we will not be playing games in Europe where we cannot get an appropriate feed and will do better by having more control over the broadcast elements of our fixtures.

We recognize seeing rugby live on television or through a stream is the greatest catalyst to growing the game. Therefore we appreciate your criticisms and enthusiasm—it highlights Americans’ dedication and passion to exposing our country to rugby.

Let us not overlook our team’s performance today; Georgia’s win against eighth-ranked Samoa this afternoon showed just how far the squad has come in a very short time. Your support at home matches like the ones against Ireland in Houston and the New Zealand Maori All Blacks in Philadelphia have not gone unnoticed by all involved with growing the game in the United States.

Thank you,

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Chief Executive Officer & President of Rugby Operations
USA Rugby

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  • Guest - John

    "In the future, we will not be playing games in Europe where we cannot get an appropriate feed"

    This statement is ridiculous.

  • Guest - WTF!

    In reply to: Guest - John

    I agree. You would have thought something as essential as broadcast / media would have been one of the first things negotiated when deciding on a venue. This statement makes it sound like the webcast was a complete afterthought. USA Rugby FAILS again!

  • Guest - Al Davis

    Winning fixes everything.

  • Guest - Guests

    We know USA Rugby does not have the platform to air the match broadcast, but could they at least give a match report on its web site. Good thing Rugby Magazine has the report and photos

  • Guest - Guest

    In reply to: Guest - Guests

    The RugbyRags report was nothing but scores, like tweets. Not worth reading.

  • Guest - Ewan

    You're kidding me, Allianz Park is an Aviva Premiership Stadium, In England we get live streams at every game. I don't know how they couldn't have sorted this...

  • Guest - USApathy Rugby

    In reply to: Guest - Ewan

    They don't care. Nigel was too busy having fun at the IRB Expo and meeting with his old mates to celebrate the 10 year anniversary of England winning the RWC in 2003. Tons of events around the anniversary. Nigel's booze bill could have paid for the webstream!

  • Guest - Good Letter but...

    Between the USA, Russia, and the IRB, not having a Livestream is unacceptable. The IRB should make it a priority for Tier II nations to get all international matches broadcast and/or Livestreamed.

    This in no way diminishes how impressed & proud I am with the USA Eagles in their last three matches. I watched USA - Maori ABs LIVE and after the match had this great warm proud feeling that had been nonexistent for the past few years. I followed this by watching USA - Georgia LIVE and even with Georgian Commentary, absolutely loved the effort again, and yes, that same great feeling was present after the match. I was really looking forward to watching the USA - Russia match to be held in Allianz Park, a large dedicated rugby pitch in London, and see if our boys would keep up the same level of commitment and effort on a larger stage. Instead, I got updates by Twitter & Facebook and was happy with the results while feeling void of the amazing pride that had been building the past month. Of course the video replay is on my "to do" list for the weekend now after the wash and other chores or maybe I'll just wait until tonight and substitute the video for a book.

    Our USA Eagles have really stepped up to the plate the past month. Not having this 3rd recent match Livestreamed doesn't diminish my support but it did rob me of a Shared Experience, in some way, with "My USA Rugby Family".

    Our USA Rugby Administrators almost got to the same level as our Eagles but lost sight of their priorities this weekend.

    Nigel, this was a very well written letter but please, I really don't want to read another one anytime soon.

  • Guest - George

    Mr Melville I would like to thank you for all your efforts on the progress the team has made and I am not disappointed at all. I believe we need a think tank where club presidents can communicate better on how to promote the game and run clubs in their various communities. is not enough to transmitt information to rugby fans across the country. I will use D1 Rugby as an example. I am a huge A.J McGinty fan but at this time I have nowhere to purchase his jersey for one or watch him play unless he makes the national finals again and no one tells me when his team is coming to town so I can buy tickets to go watch. Fans need a team to love and a team to hate. So fans need constant information on teams they love and hate all from 1 portal. This can be achieved by creating a user based system where club managers can post news and sell merchandise from one portal. At this time the D1 league has some divisions with 8 teams and others like the South where Life plays with three teams. This frustrates the fan because some teams play more regular season games than others and west coast teams have no idea whats going on in the east coast. But if we teach each club what stats to collect and a user entry portal(website) we can streamline the production of our game allowing us to easily promote and earn money doing it and therefore pay more dues to the national team . With all teams sending fans to one website where they can now easily get to know all teams and players participating.
    Since money is tight teams can pay club players by percentage of jersey sales and gate ticket sales on gameday. This will eventually eliminate the travel costs for the player and will allow players to earn money thus spend more time playing and thus improving the standard of the game.
    I own a business in product development. I can build any product from Jerseys, caps, keychains, coffee mugs, car stickers etc. With access to such products each team can now push to sell these items in local retail outlets and automatically promote their team each time anyone sees their products and create revenue at the same time.

    I would like to apply to become chairman of D1 Rugby. I can put this system in place. If anyone wants information or products for their team I can be reached at

    Again thank you for all your hard work and dedication to USA Rugby. We will win the world cup soon!

  • Guest - USApathy Rugby

    In reply to: Guest - George

    HA! This is how business is done in the world of USA the comments section.

    I work at Troll Inc. and would like to make sports bras for the women's Eagles team. Can you send me some nude photos of the squad?

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