Dear USA Rugby fans,

The Eagles’ match against Russia Saturday was one of the team’s best performances in a year, a 28-7 win against a tough team desperate for a win. Unfortunately for anyone not at Allianz Park, the match was not available for view.

Both Russia and ourselves were keen to broadcast this match as it was a rematch of Russia’s first entry into the Rugby World Cup in 2011 and a Tier Two matchup that would test our boys to the fullest extent. Domestically, we did not have the platform to make it happen. We agreed to webcast the game on USA Rugby TV, but were told late in the week prior to the match technical issues would force a significant increase in price of the stream. Reluctantly, we both agreed the cost was prohibitive and we would not stream.

USA Rugby has improved immensely in recent times in terms of making its events available to the masses. All national championship events this year were streamed, including collegiate and club championships, while the IRB Nations Cup was streamed live over the course of two weeks in Colorado.

I am personally disappointed we could not web stream our national team’s match live and that the only alternative was to upload our analyst’s video to our YouTube channel. In the future, we will not be playing games in Europe where we cannot get an appropriate feed and will do better by having more control over the broadcast elements of our fixtures.

We recognize seeing rugby live on television or through a stream is the greatest catalyst to growing the game. Therefore we appreciate your criticisms and enthusiasm—it highlights Americans’ dedication and passion to exposing our country to rugby.

Let us not overlook our team’s performance today; Georgia’s win against eighth-ranked Samoa this afternoon showed just how far the squad has come in a very short time. Your support at home matches like the ones against Ireland in Houston and the New Zealand Maori All Blacks in Philadelphia have not gone unnoticed by all involved with growing the game in the United States.

Thank you,

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Chief Executive Officer & President of Rugby Operations
USA Rugby

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  • Guest - Really?

    Another epic failure by USA Rugby management. I stream my kids baseball games from a public park on the city's free WiFi with an old laptop. You clowns couldn't organize a feed from a professional stadium for a reasonable price? I'm convinced you guys just don't care. I'm canceling my trip to watch the Uruguay match. You don't deserve my support or CIPP fees.

  • Guest - You Have To Be Kidding

    In reply to: Guest - Really?

    Guest seems to get it right. Only 2 options: Either you don't care or are incompetent.

  • Guest - WTF!

    In reply to: Guest - You Have To Be Kidding

    I think it is a toxic combination of both. I thought we hired Nigel to be the CEO because of his connections and business acumen? The guy played for England and this match was in England. Make a phone call Mr. CEO and get thing done. Get out of the pub and earn your pay! $250,000 per year plus perks by the way.

  • Guest - James

    In reply to: Guest - Really?

    I STILL don't understand why a Rugby World Cup qualifier is going to be held at a university stadium with ONLY 10,000 capacity. BBVA Compass Stadium or PPL Park would have been great.

  • Guest - Guest

    In reply to: Guest - James

    They couldn't even sell out a 5,000 seat stadium for a Rugby World Cup Qualifier against Canada. You know, that country to the north; the United States' biggest rival in anything ever? I don't blame them for a smaller stadium than, say, PPL Park, because they cannot count on fans' support to show up.

  • Guest - gamecock

    In reply to: Guest - Guest

    Canada is our biggest rival? Wait, what? So Fenway sells out when the Blue Jays come to town? Not.
    You aren't going to get people to sit outside in August in South Carolina for anything. Well maybe USC vs that there's a rivalry.

  • Guest - Wishbone


  • Guest - Robb

    I am glad our disappointment in not being able to watch the match live was heard and is being addressed. Hopefully in the future there can be a USA Rugby Roku, Apple TV etc app to watch live and archived games. USA Rugby could have just blamed the venue and left it at that. It's cool they were transparent and claimed some responsibility and aim to not let it happen again. Hopefully in the near future cost won't be an issue, I guess I need to buy more USA Rugby gear lol Go USA Eagles!!

  • Guest - benefit of the doubt

    I've been to Trade Shows where the facility wants to charge each vendor $500 for a few hours of internet service. (1000 vendors = 500,000) I dont blame the organizer of the Trade Show. Southwest Airlines charges $8 for a weak connection on a 40 minute flight. Presumably the issue is Allianz Park has a similar policy. Its unfortunate but they make the rules/set the price. Perhaps if the IRB wants to grow the game in a market where we fill 100 stadiums the size of Twickenham every weekend they will find it appropriate to stream the USA matches. (featuring starting Premiership players Samu Manoa, Chris Wyles, Blaine Scully, and by the way we got plenty more guys their size and ability....)
    Yeah its unfortunate but A We beat Russia, B The Georgians beat Samoa, C We beat the Georgians. Things were looking dark after Charleston but this team is scoring Tries and suddenly winning games. (Thanks Adam!)

  • Guest - Decision Making 101

    Why pay to have the match at a professional stadium that you can not fill so you earn enough revenue to pay to webcast the game to your fans who buy your merchandise and many who pay CIPP fees? This is just poor management decisions and Nigel has to take the blame as CEO. Or, has to take the blame for poor negotiating with the IRB - who pays the bills for these test matches in Europe because USA Rugby can not earn via broadcast rights or sponsorship deals - and the venue. Nigel knows well and played with many of the people who manage Saracens and the venue so you have to wonder why he can't get simple things like a webcast done. My guess is he over paid or over promised butts in seats - you know all those disappointed American's in London he was talking about when the games last year were moved to north Wales - and now the fans at home get no webcast because he blew the wad on the stadium for his buddies.

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