More than 30,000 tickets sold for All Blacks matchup at Soldier Field

More than 30,000 tickets sold for All Blacks matchup at Soldier Field

BOULDER, Colo. – More than half of the 61,500-seat Soldier Field has been accounted for since tickets for the USA Eagles’ match against the New Zealand All Blacks went on sale to the general public Monday.

Nearly 20,000 tickets were purchased June 13 by fans who registered on the website for preferred seating opportunities, while MasterCard holders had access to tickets June 14.

Though there are plenty of seats remaining for what will be the highest-attended international rugby match on the continent, tickets are going fast and are not expected to be available by the time July hits.

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“We are very pleased with the tremendous interest in the match and hope that those fans who want to join us November 1 don’t wait too long, as we have a limited number of tickets remaining after just one day of sales,” USA Rugby Chief Executive Officer Nigel Melville said.

“Monday was a great testament to the rising interest in the sport, and our match will be one that no sports fan will want to miss.”

The All Blacks will visit the United States for an international match for the first time since 1980, when an exhibition was held against the Eagles in San Diego, Calif. The Eagles have only met the two-time and reigning IRB Rugby World Cup champions three times since their inception more than 100 years ago.

For fans wishing to obtain group sales information, please contact the Soldier Field box office at 312-235-7000 or This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..

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  • Guest - Ryan

    Will the All Blacks' top players like Richie and DC be playing?

  • Guest - RuggaDude

    Yay! The annihilation of American rugby. The majority of those tickets are supporters of New Zealand Rugby and not the Eagles.

  • Guest - Dan

    In reply to: Guest - RuggaDude

    I've always been a huge fan of the All Blacks and the country of New Zealand. Spent two weeks there and loved it. While visiting I had an opportunity to down a couple of pints with a couple of guys, one from NZ, the other from South Africa. Interesting enough the biggest fear competition wise they expressed is if the USA ever took the game serious enough that America's best athletes played it. As long as the big moneymakers, NFL football, baseball, and basketball attract superior athletes than Rugby will be a step child in the USA. There are great athletes on the Eagle's roster and they will represent us well. The USA will get better over time and I'd suggest be a dominate international side......someday.

  • Guest - RugbyDUck

    In reply to: Guest - RuggaDude

    No one here gives a s*** about your whining, bitching and sarcastic attitude. We may not be the best team in the world BUT at least we're not afraid to step on the pitch and give it our all! You want rugby to get better in America? Get your @$$ outside and start helping everyone else grow the game . . . unless you're one of the many (stereotypical) lazy Americans who prefer everything be handed to them? Signed, an American rugger (of both codes)

  • Guest - joeythelemur

    In reply to: Guest - RuggaDude

    You really think most of those tickets were bought by expat NZers or All Blacks traveling fans? I don't think so. Seeing that there are 450,000 registered rugby players in the USA, it's not much of a stretch to sell 30,000 tickets. I'm an American, but used to live in NZ and love the ABs, so I realize how big of a deal it is for the best team in the world to come to the US, and I would guess that is the attitude of most of the serious rugby fans here in the US. I'm not even a registered player but bought 5 tickets for my family because I know it'll be a great spectacle.

    I agree that the Eagles will likely not be competitive, but they need these kind of games.

  • Guest - Rewa Dewes

    best of luck to All-Black and kaha be strong and we know you will do well Eagle...i support All-Black and Eagles..

  • Guest - Carol Pieper

    Given the amount of tickets for sale on Stub Hub, they weren't bought by fans. Now all that's left is nosebleed seats and the end seats. Frustrating.

  • Guest - Travel4Rugby

    In reply to: Guest - Carol Pieper

    Bears season ticket holders had priority access to those tickets above everyone else incl. early registrants via USA Rugby. I figure some of those holders just try to make an easy buck or two.

  • Guest - mike

    In reply to: Guest - Travel4Rugby

    I'd just like to know who's starting vs Canada. And where the club's is going to be?

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