WARNING: USARUGBY.ORG Taken Over By a Leprechaun

WARNING: USARUGBY.ORG Taken Over By a Leprechaun



After identifying Lucky the Leprechaun as the culprit of yesterday's website takeover, we decided to bring in Eagles superstar Todd Clever to take care of business.

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Which Men's Eagles player would you bring in for an epic battle? In the comments section below, tell us who you'd bring in and why for a chance to win two tickets to the USA vs. Ireland match on June 8th in Houston, Texas.

Todd Tackles the Problem

TUESDAY, MARCH 12, 2013:

BOULDER, Colo. -- At exactly 10:59 A.M. MT Tuesday, March 12th, usarugby.org was taken over by Lucky the Leprechaun and his band of thieves. Lucky believes his conniving antics will help thwart the Eagles' efforts at a 2011 Rugby World Cup USA vs. Ireland rematch in Houston, Texas on June 8th.

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USA Rugby is diligently working with the Eagles to deal with this situation and the Irish leprechaun’s nonsense.

“I know Lucky and his underhanded tricks,” Nigel Melville, President & CEO of USA Rugby, said. “He is a complete nuisance and we will deal with him in tall order. Luck won't save Lucky now.”

USA Rugby will provide daily updates on progress through usarugby.org, Twitter and Facebook. Please check back often. We apologize for the inconvenience and thank you for your continued patience as we work to kick Lucky out of our site.


Caption Lucky's bragging rights photo on Twitter using #USAvIRE to win tickets to this epic match. Winners will be posted daily.


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Comments (17)

  • Guest - Sean Carey

    I would Deff. pick Todd "Captain America" Clever. right combo of speed and strength. what more could you ask for from a flanker?!

  • Guest - Kt Giles

    I would take Cleaver of course, and see if I could add Isom from the Seven's league... just a thought.

  • Guest - Bri Russell

    If I had to pick just one Todd is the man, but rugby is a 15 man wolf pack not a one man wolf pack. If you brought all 15 they would never expect it!

  • Guest - Ashley Donahue

    I'd take Todd Clever because flankers are the sneakiest and scrappiest, not even a leprechaun can out-trick him.

  • Guest - Niki Torres

    Shawn Pittman, I'd have to have a beast prop beside me in battle! MAUL MAUL MAUL!!!! I'd be so stoked to go back to houston and watch Usa run over ireland, Me and my team,the baton rouge womens club, all went to see Usa play italy there and it was the greatest rugby experience of my life to date. FLY!

  • Guest - james madrid

    the man, the myth and the legend todd clever, cause why not hes captian america

  • Guest - Adrian The Barbarian

    Todd Clever! no question about it, has the strengths of the forwards, the speed and agility of the backs, and the knowledge of the game that the team needs in a lieder!

  • Guest - Trey

    As a hooker myself, I'd trust no other warrior than Biller. I know how we crazy 2s think, otherwise we'd never be leading the pack into battles, be it scrums, line outs, or that glorious moment when forwards run w the backline.

  • Guest - Emily Atkinson

    I'd have to take Todd Clever not only does he have the speed and the strength to get the job done on the field, but also the ability to lead a team during the toughest times.

  • Guest - Cheryl Reed

    I'm going with Paul Emerick. I'm thinking the little guy would have no chance of creating more mischief if Paul took care of him!

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