Infinity Park Brings Back the Classics

Infinity Park Brings Back the Classics


Infinity Park Brings Back the Classics


The rivalry between USA and Canada runs deep and rugby is no different. The USA Eagles Classic team will compete for another victory over the Canadians this Saturday before the (younger) USA Men’s National team’s Rugby World Cup send off match. 


“Nobody wants to lose to Canada,” Classic Eagles co-captain, Kevin Whitcher said. The Classic Eagles plan to replicate the intensity and victory from last match against Canada in Bermuda Rugby Classic 2010, an impressive second half come back.


Whitcher’s wants the Classic Eagles to “make sure are given a proper welcome to Denver,” which means harder hits, quicker passing and fast thinking to come this weekend.  


While the Classic Rugby teams competition isn’t as frequent like their younger counter parts, Classic Eagles’ captain Eric Masterson still competes for bragging rights over the Canadian team. 


Due to limited training sessions as a full team, Masterson’s knows getting everyone in tune with one another is the key to a victory. Playing for the Classic Eagles, you have to “check your egos at the door and play as a team,” according to the co-captain.


The dynamic of the USA-Canada rivalry is not lost on fans, coaches or players and especially not on former Eagles who have plenty of Can-Am battles under their belts.


 For USA Rugby legend and Classic Eagle, Alec Parker, and the rest of the Classic Eagles playing the Canadians carries more weight then other matches. 


“It’s a part of being a patriot for the USA,” Parker said.  


Both, Parker and Whitcher, recognize the increased intensity in these cross border matchups and that “makes it extra special to play against them,” Parker said. 


The Classic Eagles is a team comprised of former elite rugby players over the age of 33 and many players are former Eagles or have represented their state or region at a high level. While many of these athletes finished out their USA Men’s National Team careers it wasn’t the end of their rugby road.


Whitcher was first skeptical about continuing rugby with the Classic Eagles, but was “delighted that it is a really intense rugby environment.” 


The Classic Eagles allows players like Parker to continue a high-level rugby lifestyle and enjoy good competition and camaraderie.  At 37 years old, Parker will be his debut match with the Classic Eagles.  



USA Eagle Classics

15 Eric Masterson

14 Mike Harvey (10 USA Sevens Caps)

13 Isaac Mbereko

12 Simon Dogbe 

10 Andre Bachelet (33 USA Fifteens Caps)

9 Tyson Meek (4 USA Fifteens Caps; 12 USA Sevens Caps)

1 Dennis Walker

2 Mark Griffin (9 USA Fifteens Caps)

3 Chris Moreno

4 Alec Parker (58 USA Fifteens Caps)

5 Mike Mangan (18 USA Fifteens Caps)

6 Ben Trautwein (1 USA Fifteens Cap, 90 USA Sevens Cap)

7 Kevin Whitcher (80 USA Sevens Caps) Captain

8 Scott Lawrence (5 USA Fifteens Caps)



16 Jason Gillam (USA Fifteens Cap)

17 Tony Nash

18 Hal Struckman

19 Justin Clark

20 Leon Neville

21 Sammy Gonzales

22 Guy Mumford

23 Louis Tulio

24 Hayden Mexted (8 USA Fifteens Caps)


Tim Kluempers (Manager)

Tony Flay (Coach)

Doug Brown (Coach)

Ty Gray (Coach)


Canadian Classics

15 Jonathon Goldie

14 Dan Harlow (Canada Sevens Cap)

13 Mike Sutherland

12 Franco Lloyd

11 Guy Vorster

10 Jeff Williams (15 Canada Fifteens Caps)

9 Morgan Williams (65 Canada Fifteens Caps)

1 Kevin Wirachowski (21 Canada Fifteens Caps)

2 Aaron Duchscherer 

3 Dave Hamilton

4 Dave Laing

5 Rob Scott

6 Joey Alexis

7 Mark Thompson

8 Dave Knowles 



16 Steve Gittens

17 Jeff Noble

18 Garner Lea

19 Tyler Leggatt

20 Joey Alexis

21 Chris Lumsden

22 Guy Hagen

23 Rob Moreno


Tom Woods (Coach)



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