Bokhoven Checks In from Wellington

Bokhoven Checks In from Wellington

So we arrived in Wellington last night after a long travel day.  Just a gym session this morning and training tonight before the scrimmage tomorrow.  But now for the real important news from the tour...
The World Series of Go-Kart Racing inaugural race is tomorrow in Wellington.  There has been quite a few heated conversations and arguments about the format, point system, seeding for races (or pre-seating as Zach 'The Hebrew Hammer' prefers to write it) but finally it has been resolved.  There will be as many races at camp and on tour as the schedule permits with the a cumulative scoring system crowning an overall champion at the end of the season. 


Paul 'Father Time' Emerick and Miles 'Skinny Jeans are Cool' Craigwell are currently working on a trophy.  There is talk of the management team creating their own circuit with Al 'Michael Andretti' Caravelli squaring off against Paul Goulding, Davie 'I got all of my knowledge from Men's Health' Williams and Kristen Duhon. 


There was a pre-season race in San Diego with some controversial calls and maneuvering by some teammates but it has led to a pre-season rankings.  In the early lead are Marco 'Chicken Little' Barnard, Colin 'Metro Man' Hawley, Shalom 'The Situation' Suniula, Matthew 'Armband' Hawkins and Father Time.  Zach Test, Tai 'Snooki' Enosa and Mark 'White Lighting' Bokhoven were among the slower competitors at the San Diego track.  There is much anticipation for tomorrow and the race and even Chicken Little has gone as far as 'Googling' the course to get in some pre-driving mental work.
In other leading news, Zach Test also know as 'Armband Jr' has once again shown his mastery of the English language on the team message board.  This is just a general comment board for all of the players to anonymously voice there thoughts and opinions.  Kristen Duhon, with many classic one liners, such as the title of this blog, is quite possibly going to get a message board just for her comments.  It provides great entertainment for the boys and is a constant topic of conversation.
But the team has also been focusing a lot of time on rugby as well.  It has been great to get into NZ and start our final preparations for the weekend.  We understand that there is a big task ahead of us on Friday and are doing everything possible to make this a successful stop...

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