Rosters announced for inaugural Stars vs. Stripes Games

Rosters announced for inaugural Stars vs. Stripes Games

GREELEY, Colo. – The coaches of the boys and girls Stars and Stripes teams have announced their match day squads for Saturday’s Stars vs. Stripes Games at the University of Northern Colorado in Greeley, Colo. The boys will kick off at 8:00 A.M. MT while the girls will play immediately afterwards at 9:45 A.M. MT.

USA Rugby’s High School All-American Stars vs. Stripes Game is the first step in the elite player development program. Players identified for this program are potential Eagles and Olympians, with the likes of Men’s Eagles captain Todd Clever coming from the elite development program.

"It's been a good learning camp for both the coaches and players," USA Rugby High Performance Player Development Manager Luke Gross said. "We're looking forward to the Stars vs. Stripes Games Saturday. No matter who wins, USA Rugby wins."

Among the players participating in Saturday’s games is Christie Albers, who received a sizeable scholarship to play rugby at Quinnipiac University in the fall. Albers did not start playing rugby until her junior year of high school after cheering, running track and swimming.

“I wanted to play a game that was tough and lasted longer than 30 seconds,” she said. “A friend at powderpuff asked me to try out for the rugby team and I really liked it. I fell in love.”

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The boys and girls at the Stars vs. Stripes Camp have gone through specialized training from some of the top youth coaches in the country, along with medical staff, fitness and nutrition specialists and college counseling support over the course of the past week.

“I went to a camp before and I was dead tired by the end of it,” Albers said. “I’m a bit more in shape now and the trainers are really keeping us healthy. I like it.”

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Boys Stars | Coaches
Mike Hodgins - Head Coach
Tim Kleumpers - Assistant
Nolan Day - Assistant

Boys Stars | High School All-Americans Stars vs. Stripes Game

24 Darien Pickett Loose Head
7 Zach Haley Hooker
26 James Gannon Tighthead
48 Tyler Peters Lock
11 Jacob Russell Lock
12 Matt Brennen Flanker
29 Michael Delany Flanker
23 Brian Nault No. 8
49 Kyle Rogers Scrum Half
22 Scott Dean Fly Half
50 Brock Johnson Winger
14 Jared Ruffing Inside Center
21 Mark Qoro Outside Center
13 James Viafale Winger
33 Sam Crowley Fullback
12 Stuart Harr Reserve Forward
36 Filipe Fifita Reserve Forward
27 Joe Simon Reserve Forward
34 Travis Heer Reserve Back
41 Junior Helu Reserve Back

Boys Stripes | Coaches
Rob Salaber - Head Coach
Brendan Keane - Assistant
Chris Miller - Assistant

Boys Stripes | High School All-Americans Stars vs. Stripes Game

30 Ben Pendowski Loose Head
18 Ryan Hedum Hooker
21 Jack Iscaro Tighthead
36 Max Roberson Lock
26 Austin Middleton Lock
22 Luc Joseph Flanker
34 Jonathan Raby Flanker
43 Jahlani Tavai No. 8
44 Erik Thompson Scrum Half
32 Christiaan Pretorius Fly Half
46 Ian Wright Winger
35 Chris Rico Inside Center
11 Aiden Flynn Outside Center
24 Mat Long Winger
39 Matt Ruiters Fullback
5 Jack Carroll Reserve Forward
13 Jon Gruca Reserve Forward
29 Christiaan Ooosthuizen Reserve Forward
28 Onwukanjo Onye Reserve Forward
4 Justin Brown Reserve Back
25 Alex McMurray Reserve Back
42 Bobby Sindic Reserve Back

Girls Stars | Coaches
Mollie McCarthy - Head Coach
Anna Kunkel - Assistant
Jimmy Hanson - Assistant

Girls Stars | High School All-Americans Stars vs. Stripes Game

47 Abby Vogel Loose Head
49 Katy Peoples Hooker
43 Taylor Schussler Tighthead
3 Lily Weldon Lock
45 Michaela Haley Lock
14 Giovanna Cruz Flanker
5 Mata Hingano Flanker
20 Sheila Decker No. 8
2 Julei Else Scrum Half
4 Ali DeCrane Fly Half
27 Ashley Byrae Winger
25 Avery MacGillivray Inside Center
32 Andrea Sanabria Outside Center
12 Danielle Walko-Siua Winger
26 Tess Fuery Fullback
29 Kailyn Tilini Reserve Forward
31 Isabel Manu Reserve Forward
36 Madison Yates Reserve Forward
24 Dana Alimena Reserve Forward
46 Shailah Anderson Reserve Forward
38 Kelsey Bourdon Reserve Forward
7 Ashley Rolsma Reserve Back
33 Neallie Payne Reserve Back
17 Alanna Giardin Reserve Back

Girls Stripes | Coaches
Katie Wurst - Head Coach
Anthony Sasso - Assistant
Tom Fuery - Assistant

Girls Stripes | High School All-Americans Stars vs. Stripes Game

23 Hannah Lewandow Loose Head
46 Jane Taumanup Hooker
21 Josie Markoff Tighthead
34 Olivia Rasp Lock
40 Hedvig Karlsson Lock
28 Meghan Rom Flanker
13 Emma Workman Flanker
41 Frieda Fatu'u No. 8
8 Fina Toetuu Scrum Half
39 McKenzie Hawkins Fly Half
16 Nicole Valli Winger
30 McKenzie Lane Inside Center
9 Casey Karl Outside Center
1 Bridget Amoako Winger
37 Kiana Staffings Fullback
11 Cynthia Kelly Reserve Forward
35 Jasteny Luna Reserve Forward
18 Ashley Scott Reserve Forward
42 Elida Rivas Reserve Forward
19 Kaeinani Isaacs Reserve Forward
22 Megan Johnson Reserve Forward
10 Christie Albers Reserve Forward
15 Jamayia Richardson Reserve Forward
6 Richelle Stephens Reserve Back

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