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The USA Rugby Trust is committed to assisting you in raising funds for your group. The below list includes vetted fundraising options and resources to utilize with your rugby team, club, or organization. If you have a proven fundraising idea or resource that you would like to share on our webpage, please click below.

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Fundraising Campaigns/Resources

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Fundraising.comAuction & Event Solutions
FundraisingCoffee.comBall Droppers
SoRewardingTrowego Promotions
SweatX Fundraising

Auction & Event Solutions - Touch Pad Auction

  • Contact: - 866.360.2020. Click here to find State affiliates.
  • Concept: This is a mechanism to incorporate into a live auction event making it a touch pad auction. This added element has shown to significantly increase profits from your auction. The AES Service Excellence Package is the only one of its kind offered in the US. AES adds wireless, handheld, touch-pads that provide a new and exciting way to generate revenue and will make your auction a first class experience for you and your patrons.
  • Ease of use: Need to directly contact AES; the website does not provide enough information.
  • How the Fundraiser Works:
    • AES assigns you a skilled event planner to oversee the planning process and provide event planning expertise during the months and weeks leading up to your event.
    • From the colorful pictures, excitement and ease of use, the touch-pad experience will boost and extend your auction participation generating 30 to 50% more revenue. AES provides all the computer equipment and the staff to set up the bidding environment and then to monitor it throughout the event, ensuring a successful and fun occasion for all. Depending on the size of the event, AES will provide up to 50 tablets spread around between auction tables and guest seating.
    • Watch your patrons as they use the "My Bids" feature to see what items they are winning and to easily re-bid on items they are losing. Since your entire auction is automated, there is no post-auction tabulation allowing you to keep your auction open longer, which means more time to raise additional funds.
    • Big screen and plasma projection lures your patrons to auction highlights such as live auction items, current high bids, the most popular silent auction treasures, items without bids, auction sponsors, and even streaming video presentations.
    • This unique and fun filled computerized bidding environment gives your organization new and enticing sponsorship opportunities to help bring sponsorship revenue to your event.
    • By using a computerized bidding environment, AES is able to reduce the amount of paper products by 80% as compared to traditional bid sheet auctions. Having a "go green auction" is not only great for you and your supportive patrons but is also another positive attraction for potential sponsors.
    • Pricing varies depending on the location and size of the event. Typically, AES charges a flat rate for their services. If you are located near one of their offices, the rate is $6,875. If the team has to travel and ship the equipment, that rate is $9,700. Call one of the event specialists to get an accurate pricing for your event.

Ball Droppers

  • Contact: - 303.284.8906 - Luke Meadows
  • Concept: It’s like a raffle, but a helicopter takes all your numbered entries in the form of golf balls and drops approximately 1,000 toward a target. The balls closest to the target(s) win. From start to finish it takes 20-30 minutes. This can be part of a community event or a stand-alone. In some states you need a special permit to conduct the fundraiser. In NJ and South Dakota, raffles are illegal.
  • Ease of Use: The website has details about how the fundraiser works, but I would contact the company directly. Luke is extremely friendly and can answer all of your questions. The organization will sign an agreement with BD once the campaign has been designed.
  • How the Fundraiser Works:
    • Raffle prizes are gathered by the organization. Based upon the value of the prizes and the net profit the organization wants to raise, balls will be priced accordingly. Staff at Ball Droppers has a blueprint plan to help with pricing.
    • BD helps secure helicopters through their network. The range is free to $1800; BD works to get the best possible rate if they are unable to get the service donated.
    • BD’s fee is an 80/20 split. It’s a sliding scale for the administrative fee, so the more $ you organization raises, the less you pay. 90/10 is the minimum split.
    • BD acts as the middle man/event planner and handles all administrative details. They create a website for your event to advertise, collect donations and raffle sales, send out confirmations with golf ball numbers for the raffle, and number the balls. The website reports can be accessed by the fundraising organization at any time.
    • BD can be onsite the day of the event to handle check-in, monetary transactions, awarding of prizes and communication with the helicopter.
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  • Contact: - 800.443.5353
  • Concept: Participants solicit customers to buy items on a customized website with specific fundraising items. FC is the largest online fundraising service provider in North America.
  • Ease of Use: The website has many fundraising campaigns as well as ideas to be successful; the pages are easy to navigate and there is quite a bit of client assistance. There are no upfront costs to the organization.
  • How the Fundraiser Works:
    • Online: Create a page, share the campaign, earn 40% profit on each item sold (A minimum of 10 items must be sold to receive 40% profit. For 1-9 items sold, groups will earn 30%)
    • National Savings Card: Access to unlimited dining, automotive, shopping, and movie discounts up to 50% at 150,000+ retailers; pay $10/card and sell at $20/card.
    • Online Donation Page
    • Food products such as chocolate earn 40-55% profit on each item sold.
    • FC is also affiliated with and if you want to sell team items.
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  • Contact: - 888.377.6777
  • Concept: Your group sells bags of delicious gourmet coffee, hot chocolate, and vanilla spice chai with your unique custom label on the package designed by’s graphics department.
  • Ease of Use: It is a very simple process with no upfront costs to the organization.
  • How the Fundraiser Works:
    • Choose which items your group will sell and FC will create a customized menu. Players will take orders for 2-3 weeks and collect money. They will then return order forms and money collected to fundraising manager. The fundraising manager will submit final group order.
    • Coffee will be sold for $12/bag with a $5/bag net profit to the organization. This is a 41% profit.
    • There is a 25 bag minimum order. Once the order is placed, FC will roast and ship within 8 to 10 business days each bag with customized organization labels. Shipping is free for orders of 100+ bags.
    • Upon arrival, players will distribute coffee along with a customer brewing guide provided by FC.
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So Rewarding

  • Contact:
  • Concept: SoRewarding is a social network for philanthropy that unites cause-minded businesses, nonprofits and individuals into an easy to use, cause-focused network. Every action on SoRewarding results in a donation and a connection.
  • Ease of Use: Simply create an account on their website and utilize the various tools. There is no cost for usage.
  • How the Fundraiser Works: This resource tool can be used to help start a fundraiser or event; communicate information about the event; invite guests; sell tickets; post volunteer opportunities and easily find by city registered volunteers; post your non-profit to the website; take donations; request discounts you may want from cause-minded businesses; and a multitude of other things.
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SweatX Fundraising

  • Contact: - John Broker, This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. - 203.804.1546
  • Concept: SweatX is a laundry detergent specially designed to remove the smell, stains, and staph from dri-fit type materials. It is a great solution for athletic uniforms and apparel. This is an athlete owned company who works with the Cleveland Browns, Cleveland Cavaliers and Tulane University Athletic Department.
  • Ease of Use: It’s a very simple process and there are no upfront costs to the organization.
  • How the Fundraiser Works:
    • One case = 4 bottles (45 fl.oz. that can be used in standard or HE washing machine); one sheet= 25 cases/100 bottles
    • The cost is $15/bottle; the organization nets $2 for every bottle sold, so it’s a 13% net off of each bottle sold.
    • Players take order forms around and sell the product for 30 days. Funds will be collected from customer at time of purchase. They will then return order forms and money collected to fundraising manager. The fundraising manager will submit final order and mail one check for purchase. Upon product delivery, players will deliver SweatX.
    • Renegade will send your team’s net profit check within 14 days of order submission.
    • SweatX offers simple online re-ordering (, so profits can continue long after the fundraiser is complete.
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Trowego Promotions

  • Contact: - This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. - 855.745.8769
  • Concept: Purchase Breathe Green noses in a variety of colors and sell for profit. They are a fun, different way to promote a team or event. You choose your selling price depending on how much you want to net profit.
  • Ease of Use: It is a very simple website and concept. The organization purchases the items upfront.
  • How the Fundraiser Works: You must purchase a minimum of 100 noses; your cost per unit is $1.79. TP suggests selling the noses for $3.00-$5.00/unit. You can make 40-60% profit on items sold.
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