Sundevil Kohl Scores First Ever CPD Try

Sundevil Kohl Scores First Ever CPD Try

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Sundevil Kohl scores first ever CPD Try

Arizona State's number eight, Trevor Kohl, scored a try in the 23rd minute of the first ever College Premier Division match.  Kohl's score led the way for his side's 48-19 win over the visiting Colorado Buffaloes is Tempe, Ariz.


The match went scoreless 20 minutes but the Arizona State attack looked ominous.  Handling errors opened the door for Trevor Kohl to score after 23 minutes.  Kohl is a tight end for the Arizona State varsity football team.


Moments later Zachary Utley added another converted try and Arizona State was up two scores with ten minutes left in the first half.  CU would come away with a converted try through Buff fullback Brendan Cox.


CU went in at halftime with a score, but were under pressure early in the second half with ASU building good attacking phases.  The pressure was turned into Sundevil points with Chris Coyle, the sophomore wing (and tight end) breaking the Colorado line and dotting down a five-pointer.  CU's number eight, Ben Shafer answered back with a try, and the scores were at 19-12 after fifty minutes.  The home side kicked on the afterburners with twenty minutes left and streaked to three tries inside of six minutes through flanker Travis Hughes, outside center Adam Sandstrom, and big lock Eric Rygiel.


The Buffs scored to end the match through outside center Luke Lahman, but it was too little too late from Colorado and the match ended in a 29 point win by Ariozna State.


It was ASU's night, winning the first ever College Premier Division match, earning their first points in the Western Conference.


Next week the Sundevils take on the Utah Utes and CU go toe-to-toe with instate rivals, Colorado State. 




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