Six members elected to College Management Council

Six members elected to College Management Council

BOULDER, Colo. – Following regionally-based nominations and voting processes, six representatives have been elected to the 2014 College Management Council (CMC).

USA Rugby Board Member and College Management Council Chairman Peter Seccia is now joined on the CMC by Renee Ovrut (Northeast), Ellen Owens (Pacific Northwest), Mark Wilson (Southwest), Bill Sexton (West), Tom Rooney (Midwest) and Michele Yarbrough (South).

“USA Rugby and its Collegiate Department are very excited about the six newly-elected CMC members,” said USA Rugby Collegiate Director Rich Cortez. “Each member brings a unique background of experiences and knowledge, but each shares a passion to oversee and improve rugby in the college ranks.”

Two additional regions, Mid-Atlantic and Texas, are still seeking members of USA Rugby who are currently involved in rugby at the college level to nominate themselves for the CMC. Following nominations, it will be up to the CMC to approve nominees and the voting to follow will be in the hands of the collegiate conferences within that region.

Once the eight regional members of the CMC are finalized, two international athletes, one man and one woman, will be appointed to the council, as well.

Beginning with this year’s CMC, each council member will have an opportunity to serve two two-year terms.

For more information on the CMC, including qualifications and an application, visit the College Resources page.

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