Rosalind Chou to lead LIFE's new women's rugby program

Rosalind Chou to lead LIFE's new women's rugby program

MARRIETA, Ga. -- Last week, Life University (LIFE) announced the appointment of Rosalind Chou as Head Coach of the new women’s rugby team. Chou was chosen based on her 18 years as a top-tier player, as well as her management and operations expertise as the current president of the Atlanta Harlequins Women’s Rugby Club, winners of the 2012 national club championship.

Chou is looking forward to building a program from the ground up, especially at Life University, saying, “LIFE is an outstanding program whose reputation precedes itself. With the great facilities and the rugby culture here, I couldn’t ask for a better place to coach rugby.”

Coming off two national championships in 2013 on the men’s side, LIFE announced the formation of a women’s program last summer. Building a new program can sometimes be difficult, but LIFE is already on the right track with 24 excited and eager young ladies for its inaugural season this spring. Says Chou, “Any time you are building a new program, it starts with the basics. My goals is to have these young ladies learn something new every day, and strive for continuous improvement.”

LIFE Director of Rugby Dan Payne said of the hiring, “Rosalind is a young and energetic coach who possess the organizational skills and motivation to help us drive the program forward. As a former Division I athlete, she understands how important the daily training environment is. We are very happy she has joined our staff and program.”

The LIFE Women’s team has four games scheduled for this spring, but is looking to add more. Chou is also looking toward 2015 and recruiting talented young ladies who are interested in attending Life University to earn one of 12 undergraduate degrees LIFE offers, and playing collegiate rugby at the highest level. Interested parties can contact Coach Chou at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. .

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  • Guest (Anol)

    very good news! let's me very excited! you can find another website thank you for share with us! have a nice day.

  • Guest (Hater)

    Are they going to play in Senior Level or college?

  • Guest (Kerri)

    In reply to: Guest (Hater)

    I am almost positive college.

  • Guest (Kerri)

    Congrats to Life on choosing Ros. I have long rugby history with Rosalind Chou and know she will be great for the program.

  • Guest (Mandy)

    Congratulations, Ros! Couldn't think of a better person to build a program. Good luck. :)

  • Guest (shleysly)

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