Pools announced for Men's Division II fall championships

Pools announced for Men's Division II fall championships

BOULDER, Colo. – USA Rugby announced today the match-ups for the 2013 USA Rugby Men’s Division II College National Championship Round of 16, set for Nov. 23-24 in three locations.

Salisbury University and St. Louis University will host the Northeast and West Regionals, respectively, while James Madison University will host the Mid-Atlantic and South Regionals.

One school from each Regional will qualify for the National Championship at Furman University Dec. 7-8.

Salisbury will take on Bryant at home with Coast Guard and Niagara in the second match-up in Salisbury, Md.

Minnesota-Duluth will have to get past University of Louisiana-Lafayette in St. Louis, Mo., in order to reach the National Championship in Greenville, S.C. The hometown Billikens will play Colorado College in the other West match-up.

James Madison University will host eight teams this weekend, but will only have to play two to gain access to the National Championship. The Dukes will face Vassar in one Mid-Atlantic match-up, with Kent State and Illinois State in the other.

University of Wisconsin-Whitewater will meet Notre Dame in Harrisonburg, Va., for the South Regional. The winner will battle the victor of the other South Regional – University of North Carolina-Wilmington or Towson.

View the 2013 USA Rugby Men’s Division II College National Championship Round of 16 Information Packet >>

*All times local*
Northeast Regional | Salisbury University
Salisbury Bryant 12:00 P.M.
Coast Guard Niagara 2:00 P.M.
Mid-Atlantic Regional | James Madison University
James Madison Vassar 1:30 P.M.
Kent State Illinois State 3:15 P.M.
South Regional | James Madison University
UW-Whitewater Notre Dame College 11:45 A.M.
UNC-Wilmington Towson 10:00 A.M.
West Regional | St. Louis University
MN-Duluth UL Lafayette 2:00 P.M.
St. Louis Colorado College 12:00 P.M.

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Comments (12)

  • Guest - Enrique

    the article should include that the at-large bids were given to WI-IL and Potomac
    AND the reasoning behind it please

  • Guest - Guest

    In reply to: Guest - Enrique

    Salisbury (Potomac) won the D2 championship last year which is how they've determined the at-large bids in the past. Not sure about IL State (WI-IL) being the other bid given that MN-Duluth was the runner-up...bigger draw than Winona. Anyone know who won the 2012 championship?

  • Guest - Todd Streeter

    In reply to: Guest - Guest

    Enrique, shoot me an email at toddstreeter@yahoo.com and I can try to shed light on the at-large decision making process. There were a handful of great candidates this year and looking to 2014, when the field expands to hopefully 20 or 24 teams with a weekend of play-in games prior to the Sweet 16, there should be plenty of room for all qualified parties.

  • Guest - Oakes

    Where can I find the match times?

  • Guest - Anja

    Go Dukes! It's great to see JMU progressing in rugby.

  • Guest - Kevin

    Niagara over Coast Guard. Should be a good match to watch.

  • Guest - usa ugbyray

    Salisbury lost to Lindenwood 50-12 in the 2012 D2 National Final

  • Guest - Todd Streeter

    In reply to: Guest - usa ugbyray

    By saying Salisbury won the National Championship last year, I think the writer meant the most recent D2 National Championship which was in May of this year which was Salisbury 34, UM-Duluth 17 I believe. Salisbury is currently the defending D2 Men's Collegiate National Champ.

  • Guest - usa ugbyray

    In reply to: Guest - Todd Streeter

    Enrique asked, "Anyone know who won the 2012 championship?" that would be Lindenwood, who ended up beating Salisbury 50-12. I D2 National Champs from 1996 - present......

    1995 - Lock Haven University
    1996 - Salisbury [74]
    1997 - Salisbury [75]
    1998 - UC San Diego [76]
    1999 - UC San Diego [77]
    2000 – Sacramento State, Claremont 3
    2001 – Baylor 29, Arkansas State 16
    2002 – Stanford 26, Northern Iowa 15
    2003 – Radford 32, Northern Colorado 22
    2004 – Salisbury 43, Arkansas State 24
    2005 – Northern Colorado 24, Humboldt State 22
    2006 – Coast Guard 17, Northern Colorado 12
    2007 – Middlebury 38, Arkansas State 22
    2008 – Radford 25, Utah Valley State 14
    2009 – Middlebury 27, Wisconsin 11
    2010 – Claremont 25, Temple 19 (Claremont was promoted to Division 1)
    2011 – UW-Whitewater 7, Middlebury 3[78]
    2012 - Lindenwood 50, Salisbury 12[79] (Lindenwood was promoted to Division 1-AA for the following season)
    2013 - Salisbury 34, Minnesota-Duluth 17[80]

  • Guest - ODU

    Not sure how how ODU missed out on an at-large bid. Both losses this season were to JMU (6 ranked team) with the second loss being a tough match in the conference championship (17-13). I don't see how a team finished in 2012 has any bearing on the at-large bids.

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