Men's Division II Collegiate Championship to be played this fall

Men's Division II Collegiate Championship to be played this fall

The College Management Council voted to approve the request of the current Division II Men's Collegiate Division Conferences for a formal USA Rugby Men's Division II Collegiate Championship to be played this fall.

The CMC held extensive discussions before arriving at this closely-divided determination. Concerns raised included the lateness of the request given an unanimous Council decision to not approve any new competitions without at least an 18-month lead-in to ensure proper planning, budgeting and accurate communication with all impacted teams; the limited lead-in time for teams and players to adequately and safely prepare; the compressed schedule and that impact on institutions of differing academic schedules; availability of facilities.

In addition, the proposed dates for the Round of 16/eight conflict with the planned introduction of a Division II Men's Bracket at the USA Rugby National Collegiate 7s Championships scheduled for November 23 and 24.

New collegiate conferences for this year, particularly the Southern California (still to be named) Men's Division II Conference, have agreed to participate despite the late start of members’ academic calendars (end of September). This nearly complete cooperation from within and among all the conferences swayed the CMC to approve the Fall National Championship.

Provisions have been discussed to ensure that all Division II teams, including those left out of a conference structure, will be provided a pathway through to this National Championship.

USA Rugby will assist in securing venues and working with the tournament hosts to provide basic event support. Full national championship provisions will be limited due to this event not planned or included in the 2013 College Budget, an issue that met agreement of the Division II conference commissioners.

The CMC members in support felt that if this competitions schedule is being played by agreement of all parties, and it meets the requirements, it should be supported and sanctioned by USA Rugby. This approval is for a one-year trial after which the costs and benefits of the schedule will be evaluated in concert with each conference and the participating schools.

For more information, please contact USA Rugby Collegiate Director Rich Cortez at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..

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  • Guest - Todd Streeter

    On behalf of all the D2 Collegiate Men's Conferences, we extend a hearty thank you to Rich Cortez and the CMC for supporting a unanimous desire of the existing D2 Collegiate Men's conferences to play a championship in the Fall.

  • Guest - Carl Lydd

    This new plan is a joke

  • Guest - Tim Moore

    I dont understand why the would change the routine to something completely stupid without any notification. Whoever thought of this is just outright disgraceful.

  • Guest - Shark Fin

    Salisbury for the repeat... i got 5 on it

  • Guest - Pru rugger

    Yeah i dont like this new plan there literally taking away a whole semester of rugby from us. Spring would be better

  • Guest - Shark Tales

    salisbury will win another championship regardless so not sure what the big deal is. also, dont see why it wasnt like this in the first place just like EVERY other sport. this gets rid of the risk of people getting injured all year and of course graduating. for those people who think they are getting rugby taken away from them how does that make sense you know have a spring to tone your body and become a better player and then give it all in the fall with your best 15. rugby people need to see that some of the old stuff needs to change to take the game to the next level.

    go towson

  • Guest - PRU Rugger

    Its outright stupid rugby is a spring sport, not a fall one. If anything they should make the fall preseason/7s then the spring 15s. The new plan is dumb & should be changed

  • Guest - RugbyismyLife

    I hate the new scheduling. Im supposed to be a senior this year and my senior year is ruined, I think ill quit cause you guys keep messing everything up

  • Guest - Jimmy poole

    I totally understand why people do not like this new scheduling, the lack of notification is going to give many teams problems.

  • Guest - Tony Jones

    yep bad choice USA Rugby real bad choice

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