Men's College Division II week one rankings

Men's College Division II week one rankings

BOULDER, Colo. - USA Rugby debuted its first-ever Men’s College Division II rankings this week. Fourteen DII college rugby commissioners determined the rankings and will continue to vote on the emerging clubs in the country on a weekly basis.

“We’re hoping that these rankings will help push DII closer to the center stage at this time of year where they belong,” said USA Rugby Collegiate Director Rich Cortez. “A weekly ranking for Men’s DII rugby should be a good mechanism to bring it to the forefront of people’s attention.”

The DII conferences have put forth the effort in making sure they are playing their competitive 15s schedule during the fall. This consistency among the entire division will provide an accurate representation of the DII landscape through the weekly rankings.

“I’m impressed with the diligence by which the voters are making their choices,” added Cortez. “The best part of the process is that teams not currently on the list are making a push for inclusion, and it shows that the level of competition among DII Men’s College Rugby is changing and improving.”

Salisbury, the defending Men’s DII National Champion, is off to a 5-0 start and sits atop of the 2013 rankings. Opening at number two is Notre Dame College, who has registered a win against 2012 semi-finalist Indiana University (Penn.). UM Whitewater, (6-0), James Madison (6-0) and 2012 finalist Minnesota Duluth (6-0) round out the top five.

Here is a list where the top-25 teams rank:

  1. Salisbury
  2. Notre Dame College
  3. UW-Whitewater
  4. James Madison
  5. Minnesota Duluth
  6. Buffalo State
  7. Colgate
  8. Grand Valley State
  9. Indiana University PA
  10. Old Dominion
  11. Towson
  12. Kent State
  13. Illinois State
  14. St. Louis
  15. Principia
  16. Marshall
  17. Southern Illinois
  18. Winona
  19. Marist
  20. Georgetown
  21. Coast Guard
  22. Furman
  23. UW Stout
  24. Troy
  25. Rhode Island

Molloy, Bentley, New Hampshire, UNC Wilmington and Louisiana Lafayette are all currently on the cusp of breaking into the top 25. View how your favorite Men’s DII teams rise and fall in the rankings each week here.

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  • Guest - Rugby Coach

    Interesting so UM Duluth graduates 1 from its first 22 roster and UW Whitewater which has lost 2 games since they won a National Championship in 2011 one the closest college game that Lindenwood played they year they outsored there opponents 1000 to 100 and then to UM Duluth that took second last year and they are ranked lower than a team that did not make it out of the first round of NRSCO Playoffs losing to UW Parkside?

  • Guest - Guest

    ^ this isn't preseason rankings, which means last year is last year. Keep that chip on your shoulder buddy

  • Guest - Anon


  • Guest - Guest(Coach)

    Disagree with low rank on UMD. 3 all american forwards. And a back line thats been playing together since 2009 mn select side. Plus a Bolstad?! Rugbymag has them ranked higher for a reason. They also beat Rob Holder(Usa coach) and Chalie at the U of M 20-5 at all MN.

  • Guest - guest coach mn

    Is very disappointed that UMD who annihilated Whitewater last year in playoffs and is beating teams by even larger margins this year on the NLCC is ranked so low. Shows the political side of rug y rankings, and why aren't all D2 collegiate commissioners used for the voting?

  • Guest - Mike

    When does Salisbury go D-1? Same size as Kutztown

  • Guest - MR

    In reply to: Guest - Mike

    Same size but Salisbury is a lacrosse school first and baseball second. No offense to K-town, but they do not have a dominant sport on campus

  • Guest - NDC Player

    Cut the complaints people!!! Rugby is fun!! I play for respect and a greater challenge; not for a ranking. Its great to be a part of the top 25 but to be honest every team needs to improve and prove why they should be acknowledged or even ranked that high. Keep calm and play Rugby!!

  • Guest - don stone

    total lack of respect for Towson University. Back to back final fours, teams that Towson crushed ranked ahead of them. Come play in the Potomac Rugby union for a week and watch many of these top ten teams drop like flies. Colgate ahead of Towson - please. most of these teams will get beat early on in the quarter finals and be exposed for the weak leagues that they play in.

  • Guest - Jusr my Opinion

    Not sure how a team like Furman can be ranked #22 but UNC-Wilmington who is undefeated in the same conference and beat ECU 58-0 who then went on to beat Furman 19-0. This is another example of how out of touch USA rugby really is to college rugby aka. the breeding ground for future growth of the game. Once again not a knock on the other ranked teams, congrats to all, just another example of a USA rugby's general incompetence. A real shame

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