Match-day squad announced for AIG MCAAs' first clash with Cambridge University

Match-day squad announced for AIG MCAAs' first clash with Cambridge University

HANOVER, N.H. – Head Coach Matt Sherman has named the starting XV for the USA Rugby AIG Men’s Collegiate All-Americans’ first match against Cambridge University Saturday, June 21.

Match kickoff is scheduled for 1:00 P.M. ET at Dartmouth College, which has one MCAA representative in Madison Hughes. Hughes, earning a spot on the MCAA touring squad for the third consecutive year, will captain the side at center.

The MCAAs held a four-day selection camp at Merrimack College ahead of their three-match tour in New England. Following the opening match Saturday, the MCAAs will play a second match against Cambridge University and finish the tour against Ontario Blues. The final two matches will be held at the Irish Cultural Center in Canton, Mass.

A second MCAA team will face the Collegiate Barbarians, a team consisting of University students in Ontario, at 3:00 P.M. ET at Dartmouth College.

Last year, the MCAAs went 1-2 in New Zealand with two matches against a combined New Zealand Universities team and one match against Wairarapa Bush.

Support the MCAAs to be entered to win team kit and a chance to have a meal with the team.

Watch the MCAAs Saturday live on USA Rugby TV and follow @aarugby on Twitter for updates from the team.

AIG Men's Collegiate All-Americans | v Cambridge University
1. Paris Hollis (Life University)
2. Peter Malcolm (Wheeling Jesuit University)
3. Angus MacLellan (Davenport University)
4. Mike Lawrenson (Kutztown University)
5. Ben Landry (University of Wisconsin - Whitewater)
6. Aladdin Schirmer (Central Washington University)
7. Vili Toluta'u (Central Washington University)
8. Shaun Potgeiter (Arkansas State University)
9. Niku Kruger (Kutztown University)
10. Kalei Konrad (San Diego State University)
11. Madison Hughes (C) (Dartmouth College)
12. James Poli (Lindenwood University)
13. Kingsley McGowan (Saint Mary's College)
14. Seb Sharpe (University of California - Los Angeles)
15. Cooper Maloney (Saint Mary's College)

AIG Men's Collegiate All-Americans | Reserves
16. Tino Paophavihanh (Bellevue College)
17. Ryan Pratt (Saint Mary's College)
18. Dino Waldren (Saint Mary's College)
19. Connor Cook (Arkansas State University)
20. Harry Higgins (Arkansas State University)
21. Tonata Lauti (University of Utah)
22. Garrett Brewer (Saint Mary's College)
23. Lucas Bastrocchi (University of Florida)

AIG Men's Collegiate All-Americans | v Collegiate Barbarians
1. Stephen Karas (Colorado State University)
2. Tino Paophavihanh (Bellevue College)
3. Dino Waldren (Saint Mary's College)
4. Connor Cooke (Arkansas State University)
5. Mike Gierlach (Lindenwood University)
6. Harry Higgins (Arkansas State University)
7. Kyle Peterson (Saint Mary's College)
8. Ryan Blythe (West Virginia University)
9. Tonatu Lauti (University of Utah)
10. Jonny Linehan (Brigham Young University)
11. Christian Adams (American International College)
12. Sam Sirrell (C) (University of California - Los Angeles)
13. Garrett Brewer (Saint Mary's College)
14. Chris Turori (Palomar Junior College)
15. Lucas Bastrocchi (University of Florida)
Reserves: Ryan Pratt (Saint Mary's College), Jace Jackson (University of Denver), Dominic Defalco (Pennsylvania State University)

AIG Men's Collegiate All-Americans | Summer 2014 Schedule
v Cambridge University - Dartmouth College - Saturday, June 21 - 1:00 P.M. ET
v Cambridge University - Irish Cultural Center - Wednesday, June 25 - 6:00 P.M. ET
v Ontario Blues - Irish Cultural Center - Saturday, June 28 - 2:30 P.M. ET

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  • Guest - Bob

    Don't see how Brigham Young, which is arguably the best team in the nation by a wide margin, has only one player represented.

  • Guest - macjohn

    #jamespoli #realdeal

  • Guest - Guest

    It's the other way around. Jack has been punking USA for years and holding his guys out unless he was involved ... even well before the current regime. If USA were screwing with Cal, then the Eagles wouldn't be letting Cal players compete for the school in a made-for-TV non-championship event the week before a test. Kingsley is da' Bomb.