Locations set for Men's Division II Regionals

Locations set for Men's Division II Regionals

BOULDER, Colo. – The Men’s Collegiate Championship Committee has determined the locations for the Men’s Division II Regionals Nov. 23-24. This season’s hosting universities will be Salisbury, James Madison and St. Louis.

DII incorporates a combination of post-season selections for the Automatic Qualification teams emerging from the 13 eligible Geographical Union leagues and conferences, two at-large opportunities for otherwise deserving and eligible teams, and a play-in opportunity for the top teams from the Gold Coast and Frontier leagues.

One team will advance from four Regional pools to make up the DII National Championships from Dec. 7-8 at Furman University.

During the next two weeks, the majority of DII conferences will be completing their individual playoffs to determine which schools will represent their conferences at Regionals.

Here is a look at the four Regional events and the conferences each will host:

Northeast - Salisbury University (Salisbury, MD)
Empire Upstate
New England
Rugby Northeast

Mid-Atlantic - James Madison University (Harrisonburg, VA)
Great Lakes

South - James Madison University (Harrisonburg, VA)

West - St. Louis University (St. Louis, Missouri)
Deep South
Gold Coast/Frontier
Northern Lights

Teams may appeal for an at-large consideration by completing and returning the Men's DII At-Large Application.

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Comments (6)

  • Guest - John

    Winona state should have received one of the at- large bids...

  • Guest - Dean

    How did Winona State not get an at large bid? Decision making for that bid was definitely skewed.

  • Guest - Johnny

    Don't be bitter. Illinois deserved it.

  • Guest - Adam

    Extremely competitive south bracket. Ex-national champion, two time semi-finalist, and 3 time national qualifier, not to mention a varsity program.

  • Guest - sam

    Winona state and Illinois should play each other and have that be the deciding factor. Hell lets set up a game in the spring. I think we are a better team than Illinois

  • Guest - Mark

    Unfortunately, a 6-1 record, with a “marquee” victory being a road win by around 15 and a 30 point loss on the road to your conference champ wasn’t seen as being better than Illinois State’s 8-1 record, with quality wins over two 1 loss teams (one in the playoffs by 21), and an equally bad loss to their conference champ, Whitewater. Completely agree they should play in 2014.