Four teams remain in quest of Division II College National Championship

Four teams remain in quest of Division II College National Championship

BOULDER, Colo. – Furman University will host the 2013 USA Rugby Men’s Division II College National Championship Dec. 7-8.

“USA Rugby is proud to present the first DII Men’s College National Championship to be played in the fall,” said USA Rugby Collegiate Director Rich Cortez. “This Championship was made possible by the collaboration of all of the DII Conferences across the United States. We are extremely pleased Furman University Rugby, under the direction of John Roberts, has agreed to host this Championship on their extraordinarily beautiful campus.”

The four semifinalists competing for the DII National Championship will be reigning National Champion Salisbury University, 2011 winner UW-Whitewater, UM-Duluth and James Madison University.

Cortez believes the schools battling for the National Championship this weekend are well-deserving clubs.

“These four teams represent the finest DII college programs in the country,” said Cortez. “The competition should be evenly matched with four well-coached squads who are ready for the challenge.”

Saturdays semifinals will feature the number-one overall ranked Salisbury versus James Madison, followed by UW-Whitewater taking on UM-Duluth. Less than 24 hours later, a consolation game will be played followed by the match to determine the 2013 DII National Champion.

All matches will be played on John S. Roberts Field on the Furman University campus in Greenville, S.C.

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  • Guest - Tito

    Maybe it's time Salisbury and UW-Whitewater get bumped up to the next division to really challenge themselves??

  • Guest - Natty Daddy

    In reply to: Guest - Tito

    I posted this before on another article but it looks like Mr. Tito missed out..... eat your heart out... Tito

    Salisbury will go to D1 when the college kids can afford to pay for gas, food, hotel, etc. for weekly trips to play across the east coast... which unfortunately will be never, since they are full time students who don't have that kind of money. When they get funding from the school, i'm sure they'd be glad to go up and compete with D1. Until then, stop complaining about Salisbury and watch some quality rugby that they play. This isn't Lindenwood running through the national championship 50 -12 like they did in 2012... Rowan alsmost knocked off Salisbury when they went up by 1 with about 10 minutes late in the Elite 8. Even Duluths hard nosed team was only down 12- 5 with about 25 minutes left in the final this year. Towson plays them hard every single game they play, and it shows. I'm sure all of these teams mentioned above would love to get redemption and beat Salisbury to win a final. All the teams mentioned above are comparable to Salisbury so theres no need to imply Salisbury doesnt belong in D2 just because they are winning. Don't complain about Salisbury being in D2, they are smaller than most schools, have probably the worst field in college rugby and still manage to win with meager funding. Salisbury trains hard and it shows on the field. We'll see ya in South Carolina

  • Guest - BlackShark

    Someones a little salty about the 10 from Salisbury. Sounds like someone got Kuhled...the kid ain't a 2 time all American soon to be 3 time for nothin! Good luck JMU in the words of Gordon Bombay (your gonna need it)!

  • Guest - shark

    In reply to: Guest - BlackShark

    3 time... soon to be 4 time***

    while we're correcting things..... TRAIN KEEPS ROLLIN***

  • Guest - dgadfgf

    good idea. lets weaken the competition in D2 so some other teams have a shot...... give me a break

  • Guest - SC

    i guess the only thing that "stopped here" was JMUs season.... so much for that hot knife through butter

  • Guest - chilloutyouplayD2

    Salisbury might have success in D2 rugby but they sound pretty cocky. I guarantee you if they moved up to division 1aa or Division 1a they would be just mediocre. Yeah the school is small but there are so many other schools that are better, the only impressive player I've seen come from there school is their #8 from last season. The team seems to be in shape but they look small.

  • Guest - ScrumPower

    Looks like Salisbury has Kuhled off! UMD wins the DII National Title. BLACK AND BLUE! BLACK AND BLUE! BLACK AND BLUE!