Davenport & UCSB in DI Men's Final

Davenport & UCSB in DI Men's Final

Davenport & UCSB in DI Men's Final


STANFORD, Calif. - UCSB and Davenport emerged from the semifinals on Friday and will advance to the Emirates Airline USA Rugby 2011 Men's Division I College Championship in Stanford, Calif. on Saturday May 14.  Davenport overcame Harvard while UCSB beat Bowling Green State.  Kickoff is at 4 pm Pacific Time and will be webcast live on UStream (www.ustream.tv/usarugby).


Bowling Green State v. UC - Santa Barbara

After a tight first half and a few talking-to's by the refs, the University of California - Santa Barbara kicked into overdrive to eliminate Bowling Green State in the semifinals.  Both teams took a while to get warmed up and start clicking, but BGSU looked a bit sharper early, but couldn't find their way to the try line until late in the first.


A turnover near halway resulted in a nice break and movement by UCSB who were able to finish the move with a five-pointer.  Scores were close at halftime, with the Gauchos with a slight lead.  Some dangerous play started to creep in the the ref had to settle things down at  the half.


UCSB was able to get it going in the second and their scrumhalf ignited their attack.  The Bowling Green centers were running hard all day and were by far the most dangerous looking backs for BGSU.  However, without much go-forward and often receiving passes that lagged in the air, were not able to be very effectual.


UCSB finished the game by weathering an all-out BGSU attack with the intent of finishing with some pride, but it went excatly the other way after some sloppy handling resulted in a nice break by the Gauchos, finished off by the hardworking #11 for UCSB.


Santa Barbara will face Davenport tomorrow in the Championship game.  The final score was 30-3.


Davenport v. Harvard  

Harvard and Davenport were the last game in the semifinal rounds of the 2011 DI College Semifinals and put on quite the show for their band of supporters who traveled from Michigan.  With a final score of 62-21, the DU fans had plenty to cheer about.


The wiley and very elusive halfback combonation of Tim Hugo and Jean Eloff (brother of former Eagle center, Phillip Eloff) were devastating.  They showed their prowess early and Harvard couldn't come up with an answer.  Before they knew it, Davenport had tallied 27 unanswered points to end the first half. 


Eloff accounted for 22 of the first half points and 30 overall.  He was deadly with the boot and with ball in hand. 


Harvard got their rolling maul going in the game and was their best weapon for advancing the ball, however Davenport's defense was able to withstand much of the backline attack.  Harvard certainly didn't roll over and rallied to score 21 second-half points, but having not scored any in the first 50 minutes of the game, they had two opponents in the clock and a very good Davenport Panthers team. 


Harvard's flyhalf, did all he could with the boot to help bail his team out of the sizable hole Davenport put them in during the first half. 

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