"Black and Blue and Blue and Gold"

"Black and Blue and Blue and Gold" is a book by Robert Osmon about women's college rugby as seen through the eyes of the Navy Women's Rugby Club.  This inspirational book is meant for athletes of all sports but it wonderfully depicts the "over-the-top sense of dedication and comaraderie that rugby players all have."


The inspiration Bob needed for this piece unexpectedly came from his hometown of Zion, Illinois.  


Elizabeth Trujillo was the first Hispanic woman from Zion to be admitted to the United States Naval Academy and because Osmon had graduated from the Academy is 1960, he was asked to support her.


Trujillo joined the women's rugby club her freshman year and had become a key starter by her sophomore year.  Bob's fate was sealed when he promised Elizabeth he would travel to California for the Final Four, if the team made it.  They made it, and largely due to Elizabeth's heroics on the field.  


While attending the matches at Stanford, Bob was thoroughly impressed with the rugby facilities there; their quality made him realize how much rugby was growing as a sport in the U.S.


Some quick research led him to discover that no books had been written about women's college rugby and the idea was born.


Bob leveraged his relationship with Elizabeth as a means to interview the whole Navy team.  The responses he received were so impressive that Bob felt he had to write a book that they would be proud of.  


The book began as a tale of the Navy Women's Rugby Club, but quickly became a story of women's college rugby as seen through the eyes of the Navy team.  By following the RugbyMag.com rankings each week, Bob was able to create a narrative on the season by using input from Navy players as well as input from coaches of the top ten teams in the country. 


The messages in the book of dedication, discipline, teamwork, and camaraderie are universal to all athletes in all sports, but throughout the book he does emphasize the "rare, over-the-top sense of dedication, joy, and camaraderie that are something that all rugby players have." 


"Black and Blue and Blue and Gold" can be purchased through www.powerfulpublishers.com

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