After Full Day of Playoffs, Division II Semifinalists Are Set

After Full Day of Playoffs, Division II Semifinalists Are Set

November 11, 2011


Four teams Advance Into Semis as the Division II National Championship Awaits


Virginia Beach, VA. -- As the sun rose on Virginia Beach this morning eight teams awoke to the chance to win a National Championship. As the sun set this evening however, only four teams were still among the hopeful. The Emirates Airline USA Rugby 2011 Women's Division II Championships pitted eight of the best teams against eachother to find which four were worthy of advancing into the semis.


The semis will see Pittsburgh take on Albuquerque and Raleigh face up against Sacramento as all four teams came away with comfortable wins today. Pittsburgh downed Santa Monica 25-7 while Albuquerque shut out Burlington 12-0. Raleigh cut through Memphis 45-0 and the Sacramento Amazons upset Portland 26-15. For full match scores, upcoming match information and further tournament info please visit the Division II National Championship page @Link("[#This.#NamePath]::~~Link~~((579661627))", "Internal", "URI", "here", " lo_datatype="URI" lo_namepath="[#This.#NamePath]::~~Link~~((579661627))" lo_value="[Application]\\Structure\\Content\\links\\content\\640785905\\571094762\\579652499\\579661627" lo_id="579661627||658207558" lo_type="Internal"").

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