The Yale Rugby Football Club was established in 1875 and continues to maintain a strong presence on campus. The team carries between 40 and 50 players and has two coaches to guide its four weekly practices and Saturday games. Yale is a part of the North Division of the Ivy Rugby Conference, playing against Brown, Dartmouth, and Harvard in the fall in both 15s and 7s. In the winter, the club trains for and participates in the CRC 7s National Tournament in Las Vegas. The spring season consists of an international tour, several rivalry games, and an Alumni weekend.
The YRFC was founded in 1875 and is one of the oldest clubs in the country. Its annual game against Harvard is one of the longest-contested rivalry games in any sport in the country. The team has been successful throughout its history, winning many different tournaments both domestically and abroad. The spring tour provides a chance for international play, and our alumni weekend is always a fantastic event. Former Bulldogs have been named to the All-American squad, and some have even played on the US National team as Eagles. Recently, the rugby team and the administration have started working more closely together, allowing for strong growth and new opportunities. This collaboration will extend into the future, as the club plans its continued expansion.

Prospective Players

The Yale Rugby Club is seeking any and all prospective players. Unfortunately we cannot yet provide scholarships, but we certainly look to add experienced players to our squad. However, we do not expect prior experience and our coaching staff does a great job teaching the game to new players. We put a premium on developing skills for both new and experienced players. If you would like to play, go to the "Contact Us" portion of the website or go to the roster and e-mail the captain of the team directly. We will answer any questions you have about the rugby club or Yale itself that you may have.