West Chester W


The team was founded as a club in the 1980's and has always been a very competitive club/team in the EPRU, MARFU and now the MASON DIXON Conference. The team has won many division I conference championships and finished 2nd in 2013 in the Division I Mason Dixon Conference, which is one of the best collegiate conferences in collegiate women's rugby. The team was elevated to Varsity status in 2004, and was the 2nd ever varsity team in the USA. WE remain varsity today even though we play club and varsity teams in our yearly schedule. The team is proud to compete in Division I of USA Rugby and we will strive to continually be one of the top programs in the USA.

Scholarship Information

Yes, there are some small scholarships available, however, being a varsity team is like having a scholarship in itself.  On average, a player will save around $1300 a year playing for a varsity team because there are no dues, no CIPP, no travel costs, no hotel fees, no food costs, (WCU pays for all travel expenses, hotel expenses and food during away games).  If the team flies anywhere for competition, the flight cost is also paid for by the school.  After the year is over, the player has saved a considerable amount of money ranging in the $1000-$1500 per year.