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The first record of Rugby at RPI dates from our first constitution in 1979. In recent history though, spring of 1992, the club started playing as a Division 2 School in the New York State Rugby Conference. In 1995, the men's side claimed its first New York State Division 2 Championship and traveled to the National Championships where they lost to the United States Coast Guard Academy. In 1997, they became New York State Division 2 Champs for a second time, but lost to Williams College in the National Championships. But by claiming the New York State Division 2 title twice in three years, the men's club secured a position in the Division 1 of New York State Rugby Conference.

Soon after rising to division one status, the men's club won its first New York State Division 1 Championship in the fall of 2000. After defeating Northeastern 44-12 in the National Qualifiers, the club succumbed to Darthmouth College and Brown University in the Final Four of the East. The team continued their success the following semester, claiming back to back New York State Division 1 Championships for the first time in club history.

  • 1995 NYS DII Champions
  • 1997 NYS DII Champions
  • 2000 NYS DI Champions
  • 2001 NYS DI Champions
  • 2009 NYS East 1st Place
  • 2009 NYS DII Semi Finalist
  • 2010 NYS East 1st Place Undefeated

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