Pepperdine University


Pepperdine Rugby Football Club has a storied tradition of more than 50 years at Pepperdine University, making it one of the University's oldest club sports. Rugby - more popularly known as Rugby Union Football - is the original form of football (and the actual parent of American football, known in many parts of the world as "Gridiron.") Rugby Football was derived from what is more popularly known in the U.S. as Soccer. It began at Rugby School in 1823 when a young player named William Webb Ellis became frustrated with kicking the ball around on the ground, and picked it up and ran it into goal. The next time he tried it, two of his opponents "tackled" him into the ground as he crossed the goal, and a great tradition began. Today, Rugby is the second most popular field sport in the world after Soccer, and is played in every nation of the world. There are nearly 5,000 Rugby Clubs in the United States, nearly two thirds of those coming from U.S. Colleges and Universities, including several women's clubs. Rugby is a two-season sport (fall and spring). And the fall season in collegiate rugby is called the "pre-season" or non-cup season. The spring season is a formalized season where games count in standings for a regional and national playoff played every April.