"Over the last 40 plus years the program has had some unbelievable accomplishments, most recently with their rise back to the Division 1 Level. As of 2011 they are part of the Division I SCRS (Southeastern Collegiate Rugby Conference). This conference is made up of the traditional SEC teams, and divided into east and west. Their schedule this year includes some of the best college sides in the nation including; South Carolina , Florida, Tennessee and Georgia. The Program has three full time coaches, a forward’s coach(Gary Anderson), a back’s and seven’s coach(Vince Gross), along with an internationally experienced head coach(Tony Vince). The Staff sets a strict standard for not only UK’s play on the field but their off the field achievements in and out of the class room. The program has a ton of young talent with high school rugby experience which bodes well for the them over the next 4 years as they look to compete for a top 25 ranking at the Division 1 level In an effort to compete at the Division 1 Level in one of the best conferences in the country the UK staff spends a lot of their time in the summer and in the fall recruiting at the high school level. Just like other college sports UK Rugby invites kids down for visits to see the school and meet the players and coaches. While high school rugby is new to Kentucky both Ohio and Indiana have some of the best high school teams in the country with Cathedral High School in Indianapolis most recently winning the high school national championship. While rugby at UK it is not considered a varsity sport and does not have the budget of football or basketball they by no means are small time. With three full time coaches, travel throughout the SEC, recruiting and recent scholarship funding the program runs a bigger budget then some small businesses. The program is able to fund itself with the support of a huge Alumni base that puts together many events throughout the year often through their companies and businesses. This is capped off each year with an Alumni Game where the old boys are able to kit up and try to re-live their glory days against the present UK squad. This also gives the present UK players an opportunity to meet the Alumni and line themselves up with internships or jobs upon graduation. "
"The University of Kentucky Rugby Club was founded in Fall of 1970. The club was originally organized by an engineering professor Dr. Roy Elmore and two of his students Larry Sonnifield and Rick Wunderlich. The newly formed team picked up the game very quickly and in the fall of 1971 began competing and winning games against more experienced teams all across the south and quickly become a power in the newly formed SEC Conference. Since its inception the size and success of the club had grown dramatically with the annual Alumni Game being a staple of the historic program. Playing in one of the toughest conferences in the nation Kentucky has been named SEC champion three times , first in 1979 then again in 1986 and 1987 along with numerous runner-up honors. While the club has a much storied history of success on the field its alumni have enjoyed even more success off the field. While the program has been a hot bed for engineers over the years, it also boasts numerous doctors, lawyers and even a few CEO’s. This odd collection of individuals has made rugby one of the most popular and entertaining programs on campus since its inception in 1970 "

Prospective Players

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