American International College


American International College Rugby is a young varsity model program with the full support of the school and administration. Our program is a highlight of the athletic program at our school and players recieve all of the benefits other varsity athletes enjoy. We reciprocate our unique status on campus through giving back to the school and standing out amongst the other teams as valuable citizens in the campus community. We play in the Division I East Coast Rugby Conference and are equally devoted to 7's and 15's rugby.
In just our third year of competition, our achievements have mainly come off of the field as we work to make our mantra "a team to be proud of" truer than ever. Having finally settled in a strong division I conference, we are looking to build are roster and become a collegiate rugby mainstay.

Prospective Players

"Prospective players should be willing to commit to a full load as varsity student athletes. Please send your information through the following link:" We are truly unique in the way our campus embraces rugby. Play varsity rugby at a small private school in New England with over 120 years of academic history. Full time coaches, trainers, scholarships, and the full support of the school are yours to enjoy.