RSL Week 11 Preview

RSL Week 11 Preview

The final week of the RSL regular season has Dallas Harlequins at New York Athletic Club, Old Blue New York at Boston RFC, and San Francisco Golden Gate at Old Puget Sound Beach.


Dallas Harlequins at NYAC, Travers Island, N.Y., 1 p.m. Eastern


NYAC has secured the first place in the conference with a game to play

so the result does not mean anything in the standings for NYAC. Dallas

has had periods of good play during the season, but has been plagued

by not being able to finish out games, losing leads late in a couple

of games. Capturing those wins would have put a different complexion

on the year. Dallas can throw caution to the wind and scoring a win

against the best team in the East should be motivation enough to

encourage a good performance from the visitors.


Old Blue New York at Boston, North Easton, Mass., 6 p.m. Eastern.


Pride is on the line as the long time rivals face off again near

Boston. Old Blue won their earlier game in a somewhat surprisingly

one-sided score.  Neither team was able to mount a playoff challenge

this year. Boston will want to finish off the season in style on their

home field, especially as the four page spread in the Boston Globe

during the week should bring some extra fans to the field.


San Francisco Golden Gate at Old Puget Sound Beach, Seattle, Wa., 7 p.m. Pacific


What looked like a mouth watering end of season clash has lost its

luster somewhat, as the seeds for the playoffs have already been

decided between these teams. In a strange twist, this will be a dress

rehearsal for the semifinal exactly a week later. You have to wonder

if either team will experiment with new tactics or lineups to see what

works or to throw the other team off, or whether they will out their

best attempt forward in order to set a platform for the semifinal.

Either way, is should be an entertaining matchup between two talented


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