Men's Club Sevens Day 1 Results

Men's Club Sevens Day 1 Results




The Men's Bowl Quarterfinals will resume Sunday August 7 at 9 a.m. PST.


POOL A (Will only have five games. SFGG forfeited to Utah for use of an illegal sub)
Lions            26
Tries: Mauer (2), Tiberio (2)
Cons: Peterson (3)

SFGG            12
Tries: Barrett, Okusi
Cons: Timoteo

Utah            28
Tries: Unufe, Nichols, Palefau (2)
Cons: Pye (3), Nichols

Glendale        5
Tries: Gordon

SFGG            29
Tries: Barrett (2), Aswega, Okuis, Okusi
Cons: Timoteo (2)

Glendale        7
Tries: Reed
Cons: Malifa

Utah            12
Tries: B. Nichols, Palefau
Cons: Pye

Lions            5
Tries: Mauer

Lions            31
Tries: Degutes, Harrington (2), Tiberio, Thiem
Cons: Harrington (2), Franco

Glendale        7
Tries: Winbush
Cons: Malifa


Boston            19
Tries: Quick, Marshall, Rude
Cons: Marshall, Rude

New Orleans        7
Tries: Rude
Cons: Rude

Belmont Shore        24
Tries: Howden (2), Suniula, Sio
Cons: Suniula (2)

Marist            7
Tries: Vaka
Cons: Umeda

Belmont Shore        43
Tries: Hamilton (2), Boyd, McKenna (2), Ross, Pitts
Cons: Pitts, Palamo (3) 

New Orleans        0

Boston            17
Tries: Creighton, Goonan, McAlliston
Cons: McAllister

Marist            17
Tries: Tufuga, Talaimanu, Umeda
Cons: Umeda

New Orleans          12
Tries: Allen, Phillpot
Cons: Reuther

Marist Hawaii         17
Tries: Peni (2), Tufuga
Cons: Vaimasanuu 

Belmont Shore      48
Tries: Ross (4), Kelm, Williams, Pitts, Suniula
Cons: Suniula (4)

Boston             7
Tries: Quick
Cons: Quick


Middlesex        33
Tries: Collinson (2), Daley, Mullane, Mahoney
Cons: vettese (3), Mullane

Atlanta Old White    7
Tries: Kamba
Cons: Kamba

Woodlands        19
Tries: Tofte, Guillen, Kolka
Cons: Mack (2)

Pittsburgh        5
Tries: Heinle

Middlesex        17
Tries: Mullane, West (2)
Cons: Veltese

Pittsburgh        7
Tries: Heimle
Cons: Wilk

Woodlands        24
Tries: Mack, Guillen, Rogers, Moonlight
Cons: Mack (2)

Atlanta Old White    24
Tries: Kanda, Muchugia, Barford, Omondi, 
Cons: Kanda (2)

Atlanta Old White    36
Tries: Tanui (2), Barford (2), Wentzel, Muchugia
Cons: Barford (3)

Pittsburgh        7
Tries: Heinle
Cons: Koon

Woodlands Exiles    22
Tries: Tofte, Mack (2), Moonlight
Cons: Mack

Middlesex        5
Tries: Mahoney

Denver            10
Tries: Cramer, Ramirez

OMBAC            5
Tries: Kanto

Schuylkill River        24
Tries: Purcel, Burch, Wright, Ambrogi
Cons: Wright, Blower

OMBAC            5
Tries: Barnard         

Denver            10
Tries: Haapapuro, Drury

Youngbloodz        12
Tries: Augspurger, Johnson, Schatz
Cons: Molloy

OMBAC            5
Tries: Claros

YoungBloodz        21
Tries: Benda, Jonhson, Molloy, 
Cons: S. Augsburger (3)

Denver            14
Tries: De Achaval, Hapapuro
Cons: De Achaval (2)

Schuylkill River        21
Tries: Ambrosia (2), Boyle
Cons: Wright (3)

Schuylkill River        21
Tries: Boyle, Wright, Ambrogi
Cons: Ambrogi, Wright, Knipscher

YoungBloodz 12
Tries: Schatz (2)
Cons: Blower


Bowl Quarters

San Francisco Golden Gate v. New Orleans

Pittsburgh Harlequins v. Denver Barbarians

Atlanta Old White v. OMBAC

Glendale v. Boston

Cup Quarters

Utah Warriors v. Marist Hawaii

Middlesex v. Schyulkill River

Woodlands Exiles v. Eastside Banshees/YoungBloodz

Chicago Lions v. Belmont Shore





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