Elite Cup Final at Infinity Park to be streamed live

Elite Cup Final at Infinity Park to be streamed live

BOULDER, Colo. – After two months of top-level club competition, Life and San Francisco Golden Gate will battle at Glendale’s Infinity Park for the inaugural Elite Cup championship this Saturday, May 25. The match will be broadcast by Glendale via glendalerugby.com/matchplayer beginning at 6:00 P.M. MT.

From the East, Life advanced to the Final by way of two wins in group play and a dominating performance against New York Athletic Club in the East Semifinal, a rematch of the only loss Life sustained in group play.

San Francisco Golden Gate enters the Elite Cup Final as the only undefeated club in the competition by defeating Seattle-Old Puget Sound Beach three times (once in group play, once in the West Semifinal and once in DI action) and pushing aside the challenges from Glendale Raptors and Denver Barbarians.

"They're well-organized," San Francisco Golden Gate Head Coach Grant Wells said of Life. "We know we're going to have to be on top of our game. We'll have to take full advantage of the opportunities they give us. Basically, we have to make sure we stick to our game plan and limit our turnovers and mistakes."

The Elite Cup Final will also be telecast on Fox Soccer Plus June 25 at 9:00 P.M. ET. For more information on how to watch the Elite Cup Final on Fox Soccer Plus, please visit Fox Soccer Plus’ website.

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  • Guest - JESAZisunleashed

    "Awesome" brothaz in the final yeah!! both teams remember your set pieces till you've got it lock down no mistakes fumbling the ball in catching not using two hands on a hit up or passing sloppy and missing tackles in defence and giving away penalties in both areas. Well aarrmm? attack is about tries of course from anywhere on the field so easy but it takes team work and individual skill of beating the opposition one on one with the confidence of support for an off load pass when breaks occur by either the backline or the forward pack to set next play this is how to create a break by confusing them by drawing defences in or out 1st before passing or dummy passing but holding the ball in front of you 2 dummy pass like left, right, left or right, left, right or left, left, right or right, right, left or left, left, left or right, right, right but you must have at least two support players on either side running off for angle cuts either coming in then out or out then in or a straight basic cut it varies? pretending to pass to the 1st runner hitting the 2nd or vice versa the 2nd hitting the 1st also mix up the tempo of pass like quick then slow mo then pop it or slow mo then bam!! you know? next the killer cross over back step or double 2 step left or right, the back step is just a basic back step on both feet next the double 2 step running from right to left for a left step is just 3 steps drop the right foot 1st then on 2 the left foot then raise the left foot wiggle it with the shake of the hips drop and pop it what more can I say, also works the other way too and the final trick 4 more tries is bunting off tackles with the shoulders then palm fend once you pass defenders how easy is that right shoulder on defenders left shoulder or left on right not even the Great All Blacks can stop you swear on "GOD". Now defence simple tackle two ball carriers at once one on one side the other on the other solid legal hits 1st there are 3 main areas left side ball carrier where the ball is passing through the air to intercept it or the passer/ball carrier it's in the corner of both eyes to choose which one dam that me homies 4 xx"LOVE"xx of "GOD" and the mercy of the "Lamb" F*T*W FREE THE WORLD..uRAh!! A f**ken"MEN"

  • Guest - GEZAStheundisputed

    "Wicked" my spartan brathaz elite rugby like that lable well got nothing much to add to my birth brother and mix martial art rival (JESAZisunleashed)..except the double 2 step side step is really if you running from right to left is left foot 1st then right foot before the wiggle and shake to step right from left but vary it with a back step on to the right foot to step left instead of wiggle and shake step right visa versa left side towards right next passing follow my brothers instructions left, right and so on but the forgotten trick is your eyes following where you passing then bang a no look pass bro simple next tackling left shouder on right for shouder charge tackle but hold him and genglly him to grou A"MEN".nd