DIII Champs to be Crowned Sunday

DIII Champs to be Crowned Sunday

Metropolis (Minneapolis, Minn.) and Syracuse are destined for the Men's DIII Club National Championship on Sunday.  


Metropolis dominated the South Bay Rhinos in the first half of their semifinal clash on Saturday.  South Bay kicked away posession and weren't able to stop the Metro maul near the line, resulting in two tries in the first half. 


South Bay was showing their frustration and lamenting their first half struggles at the halftime huddle.  Whatever the coach said worked.  South Bay came out swinging and unleashed their massive backs on Metro.  Metro was able to hang on and keep South Bay out for a game-winner late in the game.


In the other DIII semifinal, Dallas Athletic wasn't able to hit its stride and Syracuse dominated the first half, effectively putting Dallas into a deep hole they wouldn't be able to dig their way out of.


Syracuse and Metropolis will kick off at 11:00 a.m. on Sunday.  That game will be webcast live on www.ustream.tv/usarugby.

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