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The Club Competitions in the United States has been restructured effective the 2013-2014 competitions cycle. This restructure is the result of a review by the USA Rugby Congress members of the competitive landscape and was overseen by the National Competitions Committee and the Club Strategic Committee. The resulting restructure is designed to help increase the number of competitive matches while addressing the concerns of clubs related to the expense of travel and the competitive disparity within certain regions.

The new competitive structure sees the United States divided into two Leagues. One representing the Western half of the country and the other the Eastern half. Within each league there will be four distinct Conferences, with the winners of each Conference advancing to the League Semi Finals, and the two League Champions competing in the National Championship.

The League Semi-Finals and Finals will be played the weekend of May 17-18, in Pittsburgh and Dallas, and will be seeded in the following manner for the 2014 spring playoffs:

  • Eastern League: Midwest Conference v Mid-Atlantic Conference & Southern Conference v Atlantic North Conference
  • Western League: Pacific North Conference v Red River Conference & Pacific South Conference v Frontier Conference

The winners of the two leagues will face each other for the National Championship on the weekend of May 31 in Madison, WI.